Natural Energy

Completed in 2017, the Ohio Caverns Solar Field was a collaborative effort by Ohio Caverns and OGW Energy Resources.

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Our 160 Ultra high-efficiency panels are estimated to offset approximately 100% of Ohio Caverns yearly kWh usage. Over the life of the system, our solar array is estimated to produce well over 1,000,000 kWh.

  • Environmental Benefits
    • Saves 49,017 pounds of coal EACH YEAR
    • Saves about 32,958 pounds of propane EACH YEAR
    • Equivalent to 15.6 tons of waste recycled instead of going to landfill EACH YEAR
    • 52+ acres of forest producing oxygen EACH YEAR

Complimentary Solar-Powered EV (Electric Vehicle) charging is available for guests who are touring the caverns! EV chargers will not be available on Monday, April 8th, 2024.


What Are People Saying About Us?

Do the combo pack; it is the best way to see the entire cavern. One is mostly history and the other is mostly formations but each gives you a different perspective. This is one of the most colorful caverns I have ever been in; it really is neat. Amie S.
Took the Natural wonder tour with a group on a 4H trip. Kids enjoyed the sites, staff was very friendly and tour guide was very good at keeping things interesting for the kids. Overall it was a good experience. Daniel C.