Natural Wonder Tour

Crystal King

Take the Natural Wonder Tour! Guests follow a winding path overlooking the beautiful valley and enter the cavern through a sinkhole entrance opened in 2012. The tour covers an area discovered in the 1920’s. Guides provide information about the geology of the cavern along with describing the variety of formations. Visitors exit 60 steps into a small building at the south end of the park. The tour takes approximately 50 minutes.

Tours Daily
May 1 through September 30 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) – During the busy season, Natural Wonder tours can start as frequently as every 10-15 minutes. Tours are limited to 20 people. Arrive early to avoid longer wait times.

WINTER TOUR is available October 1 through April 30 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Purchase Tickets

Adult Tickets: $24.00
Child (4-12 Years Old): $12.00
Child (3 & Under): Free
To Purchase Tickets, CLICK HERE.

Flash photography is allowed, but video recording is not permitted in the cavern.

What Are People Saying About Us?

Do the combo pack; it is the best way to see the entire cavern. One is mostly history and the other is mostly formations but each gives you a different perspective. This is one of the most colorful caverns I have ever been in; it really is neat. Amie S.
Took the Natural wonder tour with a group on a 4H trip. Kids enjoyed the sites, staff was very friendly and tour guide was very good at keeping things interesting for the kids. Overall it was a good experience. Daniel C.